Following an American Foster Family

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Natlie Haman and her family’s Beech Acre’s agent Madeline Turner leave the Hamilton County juvenille courthouse after a trial held concerning the custody of the Haman’s foster children Samirrah, 2, and Khalec, 8 months, on Friday, April 20, 2018. The trial had been set months in advance and both the case agent and the defending lawyers came unprepared and the trial was rescheduled for July. “This always happens,” Natalie said. “They have DNA evidence that hasn’t been tested sitting there since August. They will wait until the last minute and then scramble to give the children back to family members because reunification is always the goal- whether it’s good or not.”
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Natlie Haman prepares lunch for her two biological daughters, Nora, 6, and Quinn, 2, her foster daughter Samirrah, 2, and a child she babysits Ireland, 6, on Friday, April 20, 2018 at their home in Anderson, Ohio.
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Nora, one of the Haman’s biological children, rocks their foster child Khalec on Friday, April 20, 2018 in their living room. The family affectionately calls him “Little Mike Tyson” becuase of his size.
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Samirrah plays in the living room of the Haman’s home before going to “Mama’s house”. Samirrah calls both her foster mother Natalie and her biological mother Akeelah “mom”. “It used to make her [Akeelah] so upset, but she has gotten used to it and knows that I never asked Samirrah to call me that. It’s just we are all theses kids know now- of course they want to call us mom and dad,” says Natalie.
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Natalie Haman prepares clothes for Samirrah and Khalic’s weekend visit with their biological mother and grandmther. It is their first unsupervised visit since early February and the decision was made just yesterday in court. “I do at least one load on laundry a day,” Natalie said. “One day our washer died and I had to use our neighbor’s because we seriously couldn’t go a day without laundry.”
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Natalie Haman changes Khalec while they prepare him and Samirrah for their weekend visit with their biological mother on Friday, April 20, 2018. “It is always crazy in our house,” says Winston Haman, the foster dad.
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Samirrah, 2, gives a pacifier to her crying half brother Khalec, 8 months on Friday, April 20, 2018. The siblings share the same mother, Akeelah, who was in foster care herself when she gave birth. This automatically placed them in foster care as well. They have been with the Haman’s for almost a year.
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Natalie straps the children into their 12-passenger van with a license plate that reads “FSTER BUS”. “We have up to nine kids at a time and with this many kids in car seats, we just need a van this big,” Natalie says.

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