About Me

I was twelve years old when my family welcomed six Ukrainian orphans into our home and into our lives. They had been victim to the worst of man with the scars to prove it. I remember the day I stood at the rusted barbaric gates of the orphanage in Kiev, a view so foreign to me it paralleled only fiction in my own childhood. I was overwhelmed by the fact that I had somehow managed to live my life up until then oblivious to their plight, one they share with millions of other children. That image has been seared into my mind and serves as a constant reminder of what action needs to be done to combat the bad in this world. It’s what inspires the will that gets me out of bed in the morning and encompasses the thoughts that keep me awake at night. A camera empowers me with the ability to raise the voices of the unknown and the forgotten. I glean no greater satisfaction than when I have perfectly captured a moment in a frame. Visuals surpass the language barriers that divide us, transcend the borders that define us and illustrates the emotions that make us human. It outpaces written word eliciting a visceral reaction in the viewer. Visual storyteller is a title I wear with tremendous pride and a duty to which I have completely submitted.